Bay Area Aero Club


Debby Rihn-Harvey will be our special guest speaker this fall. She is a world class aerobatic pilot, retired Southwest Captain, and a Designated Pilot Examiner. Come and hear about her experiences, topics and dates to be announced.

Efficiency Contest

Sat, 29. August 2020, 09:00 h - 16:00 h
The Efficiency Contest is a competition to see who can plan and execute a flight the best. The winner will be the person who gets closest to using the amount of fuel that they predicted, and return closest to the time they planned. It is not about speed- but about you ability to get as close to you …

Skills Day

Sat, 3. October 2020, 09:00 h - 14:00 h
Skills Day! The  big and fun part of Skills Day is alway the Spot Landing Contest. This is a day focused on challenging you to build your skills as a pilot. In addition to spot landing, there will be a Preflight Inspection Contest, and a Weight & Balance contest. Come and test your skills…

Houston Approach Field Tr…

Sat, 7. November 2020, 08:30 h - 15:00 h
We will go to Intercontinental and vist Houston Approach, and recieve a tour and briefing of Houston TRACON. We will meet at the clubhouse, and carpool from there. Please stay tuned for more details....