List of CFI’s

We have a number of members who are also flight instructors available to train, perform checkouts and BFR’s.  All CFIs are independent to the club and any charges will be paid directly to them.  If you have any questions or if you need to update the information below, please contact the chief flight instructor at  The lack of an “X” in the CFI column indicates that the instructor is unavailable at this time for training.

This table was last updated Aug 16, 2016.


Name Phone Email Pilot Cert CFI Cert PVT IFR COM CFI TW HP RG AFSP Notes
Travis Barker COM SMI X X X X X X Email is best, really!
Anthony Canale 614-747-1796 COM SI X X X X X X
James B. Dabney 832-444-7681  COM SMI X X
Stephen Devine 281-650-5019 COM S X X X  X X X Aircraft check outs,  annual standard checks and phase checks, pre solo checks only- at this time.
Jon Disler 832-331-9029  ATP  SMI X  X  X  X  X  X X  Available most times
Chris DuPont 281-844-9020 COM SI X X X Available for earlier morning flights
Alan Fox 281-334-5478 281-244-7376  COM SI X X X X X X X Weekdays after work & weekends;
Gold Seal; AGI; will trade instruction for flight time
H. William Halmon 713-301-9630 ATP SMI X X X X X X X
Ramon Hernandez 210-884-8555 ATP SMI X X X X X Call for availability
Jeffrey Kling 281-684-7016 ATP SMI X X X X X X X X Limited Availability;
Gold Seal (CFII), AGI
Earl Phillips 281-844-2361 COM SMI X X X X X X X X A&P-IA; Gold Seal
David Rutishauser 757-813-4404 COM SI X X X X X X X
David Soto 281-787-5375 COM S X X X X X
Yoshino Sugita 832-691-1796 ATP SMI X X X X X X X Female Flight Instructor. Weekends only.


All BAAC CFI’s are qualified to provide:

ASC = Annual Standardization Check (BAAC Requirement)
FR = Flight Review (FAA Requirement)

AFSP = Alien Flight Student Program
AGI = Advanced Ground Instructor
ATP = Airline Transport Pilot
BGI = Basic Ground Instructor
CFI = Certificated Flight Instructor
Com = Commercial Pilot
GI = Ground Instructor (Basic, Advanced, Instrument)
HP = high-performance
I or IFR = Instrument Rating
IGI = Instrument Ground Instructor
M = Multi Engine Land
PVT = Private
RG = retractable gear (complex)
S = Single Engine Land
TW = tailwheel