How To Join The Club

  1. If your purpose in joining the Club is to receive flight instruction toward a pilot certificate or rating, you should find a Club instructor who is available and taking students before proceeding further.  A list of authorized Club instructors is available here.  If you will begin training for a private pilot certificate, or for an instrument rating, you must be prepared to prove United States citizenship or, if you are not a United States citizen, Homeland Security regulations require you to undergo a security check. Ask your instructor for details.
  2. Complete an application and mail it to the Club Secretary. Printed application forms are available at the Clubhouse and on the web site (available in Word or PDF format).   You can also use our online application submission feature for quicker processing.
  3. The Secretary will process your application and check your references.
  4. If your application is accepted, the Secretary will send you a letter or an email, instructing you to contact the Chief Instructor to schedule an orientation briefing. Bring the letter or a printout of the email to the briefing. The last page is a certificate that you have received the briefing and paid your initiation fee.
  5. The orientation briefing will cover Club policies and procedures, including scheduling airplanes, checkout and currency requirements, billing and insurance. This briefing takes about an hour to complete.
  6. At the completion of the briefing, you will pay the initiation fee and first month’s dues. Then the Chief Instructor will issue your member number, activate your access to the scheduling web site, and sign the orientation and payment certificate. You should keep the signed certificate to show your instructor at your first meeting for instruction.
  7. You can then begin scheduling instruction or checkouts.